There was a Southern Apartheid Culture that I was raised left me a bit scarred.

There were good and beautiful things about that culture but keeping the blacks in gulags and using them as a source of cheap labor kind of soured the whole thing.

That culture...a remnant of the Great Depression, needed to be swept away and was. But there are vestiges of it remaining. Some not so bad.

In my little town, it's time for Pig On The Pond! A 3-day barbecue festival. They've set up a midway in Waterfront Park, fair rides and cotton candy and there's about 5 acres of food trucks and competition barbecue rigs. Several hundred thousand people are going to be partying amid the smell of roasting pork over the next few days just down the hill from me.

Roscoe and I will be walking to Victory Point and maybe beyond for the next few days, we've never been to the bridge and there's a dog park just beyond that we've never seen...

But this is American Culture as much as anything. Food, music, and fun. People gathering and feasting and playing together, my town is incredibly diverse so there will be a mix of dozens of different races and nationalities. Dozens of different religions and beliefs, dozens of different cultures., and nobody there is gonna give a rat's ass about any of the differences.

A little melting pot down the hill from me. A little slice of Americana.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...