I like this thread; it’s giving me something to think about.

One aspect of our culture that no one has mentioned is militarism. It’s certainly an American feature (for lack of a better phrase) that is recognizable to much of the rest of the world.

Also one of many contradictions: the European-based population brought with them the urge to move on whenever things looked better elsewhere - one of the earlier posts referred to a lack of attachment to the land. On the other hand, once immigrants put down roots (or thought they had), they tended to stay there as long as possible. That’s why there are four and five generation farms. lot of the land and as mentioned earlier, A fierce independence.

Finally (for now,) another contradiction (and another European-based element.) While wanting to “melting pot” their way into American (Anglo) society, immigrants have also tried to keep something of the Old Country in their lives - often through food and festivals. Some of them are largely made up (St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo,) but in other cases, Polish festivals, Danish/Norwegian festivals, Czech festivals, Carnivals - these are found across the nation. How else would we know about lutefisk? So while we move away as fast as we can we try very hard to bring a piece of it with us.

Maybe I’d say our culture is wholly contradictory.

And armed.

“It’s the shipwreck that leads you to the magical island.”
(Trevor Noah)