"Providence Plantations" kind of went right along with colonization, since folks had to eat to live. Plantation means nothing more than it implies. A plantation house is just a big farmhouse owned by the billionaires of the day.

I grew up among the vast citrus plantations in Central Florida. Mostly owned by a few white families and mostly worked by those black folks who lived in the quarters.

Everything else serviced the needs of the citrus industry.

Not a great deal different from the cotton industry a century before and a little north of here...

Farther north they used child labor and had no use for slaves(or black people)

Funny world ain't it.

That's all gone with the wind. Disney is King now and my little town is a genuine melting pot where all races and creeds mingle without a care.

Except the Puerto Ricans with noisy mufflers, they can east sh*t and die twice.

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