I have been giving some thought as to the popularity of Trump. First, he has convinced a pile of people that he was a great president. He inherited a growing economy and claimed it for himself and they were easily convinced as they also didn't much care for the black guy (and still don't) When Covid came along Trump proudly pointed out that it really wasn't his problem and stuck to the economy and actually got away with that. When it started going bad he had already set everybody but himself as the reason. His base bought it all. I think that also convinced others because they were so enthused about it all.

Trump is really good at lying and blaming and hating and he sticks to it and knows all the buttons. The Dems, on the other hand, can't even seem to get their story straight. Hell, they can't even seem to have a Democratic story to tell. Instead they seem to have little that they even agree on amongst each other. There are a lot of voters who just want gov to function and do its job. Trump did that and, when it didn't it was simply not his fault and somebody got throwed under the bus. What really stuns that even those throwed under the bus wants to support the guy who did that (his vice president is one of those).

All the Dems have to do to turn it around is to have a story and explain it and stick to it. Their problem is that they can't seem to even do that much. Its really quite amazing. Virtually ALL the talking heads of TV, especially those who support the Dems are crying out for the Dems to DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING!

They must be, obviously, saving it all up for something?