Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R) ... The fact is that people want total verification of the election results ... a lot of statistical anomalies
This character is trying to get Gov De Santis to sign off on an audit of 2020 election in FL. No ... people, and when he says people, he means Trump supporters, and no they do not want verification of votes, they want the election overturned. So Rep Sabatini based his case on My Pillow's "research" showing statistical anomalies. And yet, no one has found a single fraudulent vote which was tied to a statistical anomaly. Most if not all fraudulent votes have come from Trump supporters voting more than once, and again almost all of them used their ID.

Can I safely say this character is stupid .... I mean I can't believe a politician would simply blatantly lie to his constituents. .... hmmmm .... maybe both could be true at the same time .... Trumpian statements = stupid lies.

ignorance is the enemy
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