The simple fact is that Trump does SOMETHING! I think Biden is trying but, so far, he has done nothing of note that would pump up his base. Oh, his base, in congress, also is trying to do something but isn't quite there yet. We tend to like our presidents to do something! We have a president who is used to working outside of the media so it can't be covered so, as far as everybody else is concerned he does nothing. Oh, he does go places and shake hands and claim things are just dandy but ................

The whole damned bunch of Dems, from the President on down seriously needs a story and they just don't get it.

It dawns on me that I am starting to think that the Dems have committed the second worst mistake: They think that they know EVERYTHING! (there are two major political sins. The first is to only talk to each other and the second is to actually believe they know everything)

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