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I think you answered your own question. Trump has, nor has he ever had, a political philosophy of his own. It’s all transactional in his book.

He will give his followers everything they want as long as they love, worship, and adore him. It doesn’t matter if any of it is beneficial to the nation as a whole, it only matters if it’s beneficial personally to Donald Trump.

The adoration and love is all he seeks.

If it takes giving them what they want so be it. That’s why he could never accept his defeat by Biden and insists on calling the election stolen. The fact that the majority of United States voters rejected Trump is beyond his comprehension so in his mind it could not possibly have happened. Only problem is I think there’s a very real chance he could get reelected if his health holds out.

Ken, I agree with that completely.
I would add he also does it for money so that he can continue.
He on his own has no business sense to make money. He's always lived, "for free".

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