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I know...

Perotista keeps ignoring my predictions. smile

There are a great many posts where he simply repeats a lot of the same thing, just hangs a band-aid on it
with the label of whatever we're talking about is.

When my kids were small, I had to measure the cereal very carefully because they were in a phase where they were watching
to see if I was favoring the one or the other, and I guess the cereal was one criteria.
That's okay, it's amusing years later just as it was when it happened.

But I think I see Pero as a person that relies on measuring stuff a little too much.
When it comes to state policies or something like that he's a pretty solid guy, smart too.

But when it comes to elections he is just measuring cereal bowls.
Not that I think I have my finger on the pulse of Murricuh but cereal bowls only work for so much and for so long.

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