Greedy, money-grubbing business owners will always be ahead of inflation and they'll not suffer one iota. THEY are the ones setting prices for their goods. When the competition sees their competitor raising prices, they raise them too. Hmm

When i first moved to my new house, I was eating out a lot. I was spending $27 with tip for dine-in breakfast, $35 with tip for dine-in dinner. I'd go to Chipotle or Habit Burger for lunch.

Now I use the meal kit service and I'm spending $42 for six dinners with delivery the past three weeks and the meals are really tasty. The produce is super fresh and beautiful. smile

This past week, they did forget to pack the fresh ginger for one of the meals and I had to go to the store and spend .29 plus my time and gas to prepare the meal as designed. shocked

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