The rule by fiat that the presidency has been doing since Obama is interesting. Obama did it because the Republicans owned the congress, second time around, so that is the only way he could get anything done. I also found it interesting that only once did the Republicans get after him for running with fiats. I think that was because the Republicans didn't want to be painted as a group that was anti legislation and had been responsible for not passing any legislation. Whoever has the presidency is the one that is responsible for what happens whatever that might be. I think one of the main problems that Biden has is that he doesn't accept that simple fact and so he just denies and that is never a really good idea.

Now we have Biden. The Republicans have him pretty much shut down except for the one exception which they used at the beginning of Biden and not since. Now they think they are going to do it again except that they have problems within their party which will, if they keep it up, assure that they lose EVERYTHING in the next general election. The Dems don't buy that because they only talk to one another and they all agree they are doing a great and wonderful job. That being the case Biden isn't even doing a lot of fiat legislation. The Congress, which, in theory, the Democrats own is basically doing nothing as far as legislation is concerned although they are doing a lot of talking, and arguing, and whining but little else because the Republicans have, again, pretty much shut them down.

So, we now are experiencing inflation. I think that will go down when they clear up the goods lines so that we don't have, literally, hundreds of ship waiting to discharge what America has bought but doesn't seem to know how to get it off the ships and into their stores. When that happens I expect that prices will go down as dramatically as they have gone up.