This thread's genesis was inspired from Mellow's car thread's discussion of Mormon handcarts.

I did not know about the Mountain Meadow Massacre until it was mentioned in Netflix's Godless.

Per Wikipedia:

The Mountain Meadows Massacre (September 7–11, 1857) was a series of attacks that resulted in the mass murder of at least 120 members of the Baker–Fancher emigrant wagon train. The massacre occurred in southern Utah at Mountain Meadows, and was perpetrated by Mormon settlers belonging to the Utah Territorial Militia (officially called the Nauvoo Legion).


During the militia's first assault on the wagon train, the emigrants fought back, and a five-day siege ensued. Eventually, fear spread among the militia's leaders that some emigrants had caught sight of the white men, likely discerning the actual identity of a majority of the attackers. As a result, militia commander William H. Dame ordered his forces to kill the emigrants. By this time, the emigrants were running low on water and provisions, and allowed some members of the militia—who approached under a white flag—to enter their camp. The militia members assured the emigrants they were protected, and after handing over their weapons, the emigrants were escorted away from their defensive position. After walking a distance from the camp, the militiamen, with the help of auxiliary forces hiding nearby, attacked the emigrants. The perpetrators killed all the adults and older children in the group, in the end sparing only seventeen young children under the age of seven.[
The Momon's disguised themselves as Native Americans so that white men would not be blamed. How conniving and sociopathic. coffee

The mini-series of Godless is NOT about the massacre, the series only mentions the massacre in passing dialog between two characters. If our lady Ranters have not seen the series, I highly, HIGHLY, recommend it. You'll like it - and trust me, I loathe western-themed cinema - but I really liked this series.

One last thought...

The music score in the series is fantastic. This is one of my most favorite scenes from Godless and the accompanying score is fantastic. It appears at the end of episode one and this is the score that accompanies the scene. The cinematography is outstanding.

it's a beautifully shot scene like this one that could inspire a guy to go join the movie business. smile

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