I'm positive almost any other Democrat would have trounced him. But as a friend of mine described the 2016 election, it was an election between the devil we didn't know, Trump, a businessman, TV show host, no one had any idea how he would govern vs. the devil we knew, Hillary Clinton. Everyone knew exactly how she would govern. Perhaps Hillary was too well known.
another example of how I am right.

The American electorate is stupid.

I am not positive any other candidate would have won .... "easily" .... as you suggest. The numbers tell the story. 2016 Trump had 62M votes, in 2020 he had 74M votes. It tells me a sizeable chunk of Americans didn;t actually care whether he was an unknown quantity. It didn't matter in 2016, and it sure didn't matter in 2020, and it doesn't matter now or will matter in 2024. The voice of nasty ad hominems appeals to the cretins who make up the Republican Base. These folks are so dumb they don't realize their own hypocrisy nor their own cognitive dissonance.

Professional pollsters, and political pundits can do all the rationalizations they want, and clothe it in numbers which prove their case, but the reality is Trump is head of a religious/political cult. Psychologists can tell people why some folks would be easily manipulated into believing lies, but it has nothing to do with qualifications for governance. Clinton was far more qualified to run the federal government than almost everyone who ran.

Of course Clinton was titular head of the Satanic Democrat Party of Pedophiles, so maybe that had something to do with it. Look .... Trump is still president and continues to ride AF 1 ..... just ask Trump supporters. It's like pundits who contrive all manners of rationalizations for why people are not getting vaccinated, when the answer is rather simple ... the vast majority are either Republicans who have lost all sense or blacks who are justifiably (at least initially) wary of "another" threat to black folks.

The point is don't look for extraordinary reasons a square peg doesn't fit in a round hole, when the reason is intuitively obvious.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty