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no one had any idea how he would govern

Baloney! We knew exactly how he would govern. We knew how Clinton would govern too. The sad part is that American voters chose Trump. Yes, they are stupid. No, there's nothing to be done about it.

Word on the street is that Biden plans to run again. Polls show that Trump would beat him.

But both these guys are nearing their expiration date. Have you noticed the Great Resignation going on? Workers are demanding to be treated better by employers. Is it too big a stretch to think that maybe they will also demand more from the government?

Maybe both these old farts will get their asses primaried.

Or maybe Biden will pull a rabbit out of his ass and get his numbers up, he vowed to be the most pro-union president in history...labor unions are also demanding more from corporations.

There might be a new ballgame brewing and we're so focused on Trump we aren't seeing it.

Meantime Manchin wants any mention of climate taken out of all legislation. The Coal Barons of West Virginia are demanding it! So the rest of us have to go along...it's maybe a bridge too far.

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