So apparently no independents ever voted for Trump? They always disliked him?

Who exactly elected him then? I've been assured that independents always decide the elections so I can only assume it was them.

In an election where neither Trump nor his opponent is popular, he has a perfect record.

Biden beat him by not campaigning in 2020, he won't have that luxury again. As far as Harris goes...not even Democrats like her. If a POC hopes to bring something to the table she has to first be liked by POCs. She is neither liked nor trusted. A prosecutor who made a career of jailing POCs
She delivered California to the Democrats...a state they already had.

Manchin has won. There will be no major legislation in regards to Biden's much-touted agenda. We will not build back at all and certainly not better than before. Democrats will continue disappointing voters as they have for decades. Promising much and delivering little.

The best Dems can hope for in 2022 is hanging on to the Senate, the house is likely lost already, and as Biden's numbers go south so do their chances of keeping the Senate.

Things might change. But I ain't gonna count on it.

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