I am tending to believe that the voting public want candidates that are actually going to do something. The public view of the Democrats is that they are a do nothing group of politicians and only seem interested in fighting with one another and accomplish NOTHING! The other night I noticed somebody actually had a Democrat being interviewed who was actually doing something! (he was a member of the house actually working on something) The Dems are a very strange group of politicians. Most of which they are doing is a secret. Their big multi-trillion dollar, whiz bang, super give-away also seems to be a secret. Now the secret is being pared down but, still, they are telling the voters not a damned thing as they seem to prefer talking about the stuff that may, or may not be something or other. Hell, they still haven't even written the legislation that they are now claiming they are going to pass in a week or two. The problem is that we have all heard it before (again and again).

What I am trying to say is that the Dems are great at doing absolutely nothing and, if they are, nobody really knows what that might be. They have now been "in charge" for almost a year. They did get the covid help thing done for starters but nothing more in, now, months - just blah, blah, blah, over and over again. Why wouldn't their numbers be down. What amazes me is that they simply don't seem to be capable of telling anybody anything that might be of real interest.

Now they are down to the end of their thing. They decided that they just wouldn't setting for anything but they would actually try and pass two huge pieces of legislation. One has to give them credit for guts but now they gotta produce or they have gifted the Republicans with a huge win next year. I think they got something like two weeks to get it done. i truly hope they pull it off but, if their ability, so far, doesn't exactly inspire.

Its gonna get interesting. I have hope but not a whole lot. I suspect that there are many that find themselves in the same place. I will vote Democratic as I can't bring myself to support the other side that tends to lies, fantasies, scare tactics and meanness and, I believe, trying to change the entire nation into something I really don't want to see. I also continue to hope that our government will, eventually drag Trump into court and convict him of a felony - thereby removing him from running for president again. (sorry, couldn't resist a little demonstration of wishful thinking)