Long Term Care insurance, that helps one stay in their home, is VERY expensive, and many will not be eligible even if they have the money. We were lucky enough to sign up for it, after my wife and her sibs took turns caring for their slowly dying Mother. The criteria for entry are stringent and enforced. A nurse came to our home and collected blood and urine specimens, collected complete family and medical histories, and administered a complex dementia screening exam.

They clearly dont want any physically healthy people who might get demented and live a very long and expensive life. Pre-existing conditions and family history may exclude many. I felt OK about the scrutiny, as this is one of the ways that the company keeps it's astronomical yearly premiums as low as possible. The rates go up every year, with dramatic increases at 65 or so. That is for a NY State plan at least. Its not like flood insurance that you can get when the water starts rising. Most experts say you should get into it at age 55.

all you need to know about LTC


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