I'm totally down with your predictions as they pretty much mirror my own.

Democrats will lose the Senate and the Whitehouse in 2024. Biden is going to be another Jimmy Carter and there are a huge number of Democratic senators up for elections.

Oddly, I'm getting a weird feeling that the House might fall to Dems in 2024. It's counter-intuitive but those are local races and universal so you get a more clear picture of public concern on the issues.

While voters in 2024 might politely reject another Biden and/or Harris administration, they might not be willing to give rock-ribbed republicans free rein to do as they please.

Now...if something really good happens in the next six months...prices drop, wages rise, a mild winter with plenty of snow, no new pandemic surges, the passage of Manchin's $1.75 Trillion dollar legislation, and a quiet fire and hurricane season, things of that sort...then the picture might change.

Mostly we're sitting on our hands in an off-year watching politicians make fools of themselves at the expense of the poor.

Same as it ever was.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...