I was considering adding general fungal topics to the thread, but I think it more appropriate to start a parallel thread in science and medicine. This thread seems mainly dedicated to a specific magic mushroom and I hesitate to Hijack or offtopic such a spiritual discussion to end up with compost, though fungi are lovely once you get to know him/her/they. Pronouns are pretty much useless when you have 36,000 sexes! rolleyes

I am certainly no French scholar but the google machine says that in French articles le, la, and les, refer to nouns that are masculine, feminine, or plural, respectively, and should agree. Therefor its clear that this thread title, Le Schrooms, is an attempt to foist male domination onto an entire kingdom of eucaryotes, that unlike Plantae and Animalia have no interest in gender dichotomous issues!

The correct title should be Les Schrooms!


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