On January 1, 2022, Washington State will have the first-in-the-country, Long Term Care wage tax of 0.58%. It's to support those in long term care.

There is a guy who just joined my vanpool says it's all apart of "Uncle Scam." (His euphemism of Uncle Sam collecting too many taxes.)

Why did he join the vanpool? He stated so he can reduce the miles on his leased cars - plural - one for his wife, one for him. Why is he leasing cars? Because the LLC he formed allows him to 100% write-off the leases for his business. What's his business? Owning houses and renting them out for twice the bank note.

Now, if you work 40-hours a week at a job, and your wife works 100% at her job, how can you write-off 100% of your leased cars for the "business LLC" when you drive those leased cars to your other jobs? Sounds like the only person scamming is this dude.

It's ironic that folks accuse others of what they do themselves. Another example of such a person is Donald Trump.

Irony! smile

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