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Now which facts are you disputing here?



Or didn't you read the whole post before you went off on a partisan rant?

First you'd have to show where I disputed...well....anything.
I just think it's foolish to try and use 2014 polling for a bill that had just recently passed and had barely even been implemented, because everyone now realizes several things about programs like the ACA:

First, people barely even know that the ACA and Obamacare are the same thing, and when polls ask people about "Obamacare" they say they hate it but when described AS the Affordable Care Act, they have a more positive reactiion.
Second, people...the same ones who often don't know O'care and ACA are the same, react harshly UNTIL they learn what's about to be taken away, which is precisely WHY Trump AND the Republicans COULD NOT REPEAL it despite over SIXTY attempts!
And that's WITH a trifecta!

There's nothing partisan about pointing out facts.
And it's a fact that Americans ALSO ranted and raved about how awful Social Security and Medicare were, until successive administrations tried taking them away.
Millions of very conservative elderly people suddenly turned into Gray Panthers the last time SS and Medicare were seriously threatened.

There's nothing partisan about pointing out the fact that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are now every bit as much a "third rail" that mustn't be touched, just as much as Social Security and Medicare, and there's nothing partisan about pointing out that the GOP's openly stated goals have been to either dismantle or privatize all three, along with anything and everything else they can get their hands on.
They've come right out and said it, Perotista...because they are the partisans.

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