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I have mixed feelings about mail order food. As a general thing I lean towards buying local, but if the mail order folks are supporting quality producers wherever they are, who may be struggling to make ends meet, and who may be providing quality meals that are interesting and nutritious, I can't be opposed to that.

Of corse, the meal providers must deal with quality control and the occasional bad provider and they need feedback without instant full termination. It's got to be a complicated flow problem - but what to do about it? maybe it's a fatal flaw in the business model.

Local is better for a lot of reasons, but it's also a lot more work.

Karen is about to subscribe to Hello Fresh, for several reasons.

1. Daryl is back in the hospital again.
He stonewalled for almost two months, insisting he felt fine, but we could see he was taking on as much water as the Titanic.
By the time he FINALLY relented and said okay, he was at 384 pounds.
Well, in the last eighteen days they removed ONE HUNDRED POUNDS of water weight.
Since he only has one kidney (just like his Mom) that was a tough job and the kidney is now recovering.
He seriously needs diet help, and we can't beat him up or put a gun to his head, he's a full grown adult.
But he needs help and he knows it, so a meal plan would be adjusted to meet his nutrition needs.

2. Brianne (who is now living and working up in Portland) subscribed to it because she is just too worn out most
days from working to cook. And she is a fantastic cook by the way, but she just has her cuisine fun on her days off now.
The rest of the time it's Hello Fresh and she said she loves it.

3. Apparently it really DOES cost less than grocery shopping.

4. Karen's too worn out, by the stress of Daryl being sick, and in general, so she is not cooking as much as
she used to and I am less than mediocre in the kitchen unless I am just helping a good cook.
I'm good at following orders.

----So...I guess we'll see how Hello Fresh goes and if it's good I think we will stick with it.
We will only need to get things like coffee, milk, eggs, bread, bacon and the like, and maybe desserts.
Everything else can be HF if it works out.

Daryl says he thinks they will spring him from UCLA Hosp within the week, maybe Friday.

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