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Look at the guns on that guy! Hello! laugh
(How can you not appreciate the male form when it looks like THAT?!? Bow )

I appreciate the forms of males and females alike...one of the motivations for getting down on the trail among all the athletic types. I'm not a player anymore but I still enjoy watching the game.

I hadn't even considered that he might be a triathlete. They just had the Great Floridian Iron Man Triathlon here last week, 2.4 mi swim 128 mile bike and then a marathon run. I can't imagine what inspires someone to put themselves through something like that.

There's also a guy down there with no legs who runs on those blade things. My ex mentioned that he was pretty fast and generally blows by everybody else on the trail. Turns out he's a double amputee marathon world record holder. One of those African marathoners, but with no legs. He lives in a nearby town and fits amputees to their prosthetics for a living. There's an easy 7-mile run around the lake for those inclined to do that sort of thing.

Jonathan's just "being Jonathan".
He was a triathlete prior to enlisting in the Army and prior to getting injured.
The truth is, he's really not doing anything he wouldn't normally be doing, except now that he's a disabled vet, he's doing it differently.
But everyone who knew him before says not much has changed.

The docs told him he'd never regain anything below his shoulders and he took that as a dare....typical of the guy.
So far the only thing he's been unlucky with is love...two wives and two matching divorces and two trips to (almost) clean him out financially.
He no longer has the lavish home with the pool, he had to scale back his lifestyle after Lost Wife #2 it seems.

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