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[quote=TatumAH]Just out of curiosity, what do you burn smoke into?
It’s an alchemical process whereby, following a proprietary formula of incantations and exhortations sung by the artist formerly known as John Denver, the smoke is transformed into a very hot product that has yet to be named, but is commonly referred to as “nosmoke”.

That is all the lawyers will allow me to say about it at this time.

There seem to be frequent references to witchcraft to in your helpful requests lately. It may be time to do a little sink or float test, as was popular on Dave Letterman. The winners prize was a CheeseLog


I'm just guessing this was the subject of your reading. They still produce CO2, but I guess you could pair one of these with a liquid metal alloy electrolysis unit to convert the CO2 into solid carbon, which you could burn to run the turbine to generate electricity to run the electrolysis unit. Rinse repeat!


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