The Big Tat is on the hunt but has scented false spoor!

'Tis not reading I am doing but writing. The subject of the Small Business Innovation Research grant proposal is, indeed, a ceramic heat exchanger for the type of turbine generator that surfaced in your literature search. However, our innovation focuses on the high temperature burning of syngas (smoke), a co-product generated during the pyrolysis of woody biomass - the other product being biochar. There is also a 3rd co-product of heat that is not used up in making electricity that can be used for building or industrial process heat.[/quote]

Well, since you were actually writing a grant proposal, you have my most sincere sympathy for MOAR pain than most willingly subject themselves to. You are granted a special masochism dispensation from the big TAT.

Do you need a hypercritical editor to help? grin I have battled editors from journals and funding agencies for years!
I loath them and their conflicts of interest. mad


There's nothing wrong with thinking
Except that it's lonesome work
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