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I especially like the girl with the grinder.

Yep, that's Grindergirl! I was particularly interested in the spark color, as I learned in welding 101 that you can determine the type of steel or other metals by the color and persistence of the spark trails. I bet that shield was well insulated as grinding generates a lot of heat. I guessed titanium from white sparks, but its very hard to judge colors on media, or with cataracts. They said stainless steel that is much easier to fabricate than titanium.


Sun Aug 22 2004 at 9:16:09
"I've never seen anything like that ...in all my years in Vaudeville I have NEVER...THAT’S AMAZING...can we see a little more?"

-- Paul Shaffer

Fans of the Late Show with David Letterman know neo-Vaudevillian Kiva Kahl as the Grinder Girl. The Grinder Girl is one of an odd menagerie of "talent" who are part of a regular Letterman gag called "Will it float?"

The Grinder Girl wears a silver '50s sci fi outfit. On her stomach is a metal plate. Into the metal plate she grinds a buzz saw. This creates a startling shower of sparks. While grinding whirling metal on metal, she grinds her body in a seductive manner. Behold, the Grinder Girl.

Ms. Kahl is a Russian born performer and make-up artist. She seems to have gotten her start doing sideshow acts at Coney Island. She's also part of a performance art group called AntiGravity.


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