McAuliffe said something to the effect that parents had no right to tell the schools what to do and that just might assure his loss. If he wins it will be a miracle. The parents have come out in force and it was a typically not thought out thought of yet another Democrat. I have said this before - THEY DON'T WANT TO WIN! They do it almost every day. They have no real message, they spend all their time battling with each other instead of the opposition, and they REALLY love to run their mouths with little or no thought. They don't seem to understand that it doesn't matter what they meant. What does matter is how it sounded. Now add in that they simply don't seem to want to do anything! Biden started out great then that stopped and nothing new has been done and it looks as if that just might continue.

The only thing that might bail him out are the early votes before he felt it necessary to piss off every parent in the state.

I simply don't get it. If anybody can actually explain their behavior please let everybody else know why!