Heh! I had heard some rumblings about that, wasn't really aware of Youngkin's strategy.

Smart. And it might very well work; McCauliffe mighta jumped the gun on the anti-Trump strategy but if Youngkin wins, it could serve as a shot across the bow for the Democrats in next year's elections.

What if Trump is a non-starter in 2022 but Dems make the race all about him...?

At any rate, his attempt to nationalize a gubernatorial race was stupid, and if that's the best he can do then perhaps the Republican is the right choice for Virginia. Local government should not be about Washington.

Local governments have actual governing to do!

In my estimation, people are sick of hearing about Trump. I figured that would play favorably into Democrat races in 2022...I'm starting to feel a red wave forming because Democrats are the only ones talking about Trump while the economy is going to sh*t.

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