Yes Greger, that's why I'm a swing voter. I think independents don't want Trump. But independents don't have that aversion to other Republicans. Last night proved that, also did the 2020 election when the GOP gained 13 house seats, 2 state legislatures and a governor all the while spanking Trump big time in the presidential.

One could take 2020 as a total rejection of Trump which it was, at least by independents. But not a rejection of Republicans considering the GOP gains down ballot along with last night. To take 2020 as a mandate for the Democrats with Biden winning by 7 plus million votes while the Democrats lost the down ballot offices is a mistake in my book. It wasn't a mandate, but a rejection. At least in my eyes.

Now what do the Democrats need to do for the future, speaking of the midterms and not policy wise. I'd say they need to realize independents are not in the Trumphobia mode anymore. They need to get the infrastructure bill passed. They need to look at the moderate democratic house members in swing districts and need to help them out the best they can. Most progressives are from safe districts, no need to worry about reelection there. The Democrats need to realize a net loss of just 5 seats gives the GOP the house. Independents aren't on the progressive band wagon. They never were when considering the down ballot results from 2020. Deluding themselves that the independents are is plain nonsense.

It may not matter, it may be past the time to save the house, but there's always the senate which has always look good for the dems. No big gains, but hanging on to it with a gain of a seat or two is possible.

Perhaps it's time to learn from Youngkin. Target independents which may mean putting some of the more progressive legislation on hold. The democrats need to establish their goal here. Move their agenda through slowly even if that means taking a few steps more toward the center or jerk far left thinking that will cure their dilemma when confronting independents.

The Democrats might be successful in passing both bills which would make progressives happy, but probably would lose independent support which could mean a loss of both chambers next year making Biden a lame duck. Which wouldn't bode well to 2024. My advice, take the bird in the hand, then try to placate and attract independents back to voting democratic even if that means moving toward the center. This is something most democrats don't want to hear.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.