10 years? Seems overly optimistic, politically speaking.
Naw. We have far right and right wing political parties dominating the politics at the national level so I would bet on things continuing on their way of getting worse.
I do have money on the jackpot happening within that time frame, though, due to events beyond electoral politics.
Mother Nature is just clearing her throat and hasn’t begun to scream at us…yet.
I notice the boats stacking up at the ports with cascading failure points of a complex supply chain continuing to spread.

Politics, though, has been rendered little more than a form of passive entertainment with the exception that one party takes winning seriously whereas the other party doesn’t. Its all about intentions for them. A reenforcing of their ‘goodness’.

When we fall below our national strategic level of drive thru windows and the global supply chain fails to deliver, things will get weird real quick in the suburbs, IMO.

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