McNamara was a numbers guy. Funny thing those numbers.

Numbers are fluid and can be changed. That would require doing politics. Dems don’t do that. Dems copper strip public goods and services like public education, infrastructure, transportation etc…

Manchins daughter ripped off every school district, ambulance corps, fire department in communities all across America. Pretending Biden’s functional, he could publicly make note of that. Ask to be updated by his justice department task force looking into corporate price fixing, etc..

Wonder what those numbers would look like with the public. Wonder what the numbers are for lowering prescription drug prices. Paid family leave. Prescription glasses…

Just kidding. Clearly, the only numbers worth considering, let alone changing, are the numbers locking in fossil fuel infrastructure and corporate giveaways to buy public assets. Your numbers clearly support your politics.

One last thing bout them numbers. Anyone following the congressional index fund? A composite fund made up of stocks that our congress crooks are trading in. It’s data on share trades is a bit late as congress critters trades in stocks aren’t filed with the public immediately. Last I looked those numbers are crushing the broad index funds numbers.

Numbers are interesting not predetermining.