I know you’ve expressed a desire to see infrastructure passed. Every right in the world to do so. You keep mentioning your numbers to reenforce your desire for infrastructure passage. Is that accurate?
What’s polling in the infrastructure as high with the public as paid family leave or lowering prescription drug pricing? Just curious.

As I said, McNamara was relying on numbers to form strategy. An obvious example of numbers failing to capture the reality on the ground. The fall of Afghani forces to ISIS would be another numbers informing strategy failure.

To be honest, I don’t think numbers predict policies anyway. Doubt you could either. Policy is also strategy, no? There are a number of detailed studies going back to the dawn of polling proving this. Broad popular support does not produce policy. The exception is when it coincides with the ruling classes goals. Raises some uncomfortable questions on the nature of what the purpose our so called democracy actually serves.

Interesting to see the aggregate numbers of shares and future trades. I would bet that’s more predictive of any policy than any electoral strategy formed around polls.

Wonder what poll numbers Derr was looking at in Jersey. That’s hilarious!

Biden was a corporate suit rebound candidate, I agree. After generating 4 years of red hysteria, stampeding liberals with spook stories in the press got them into the voting booth to vote for a rapidly declining Corporate Dem. I agree with you there, antiTrump was the only strategy, nothing else would fundamentally change. Sad to see the enthusiasm of so many engaging and propagating that nonsense. It did work though, so it was a successful strategy then. Funny watching em in Virginia trying to play it again. That false flag tiki torch photo op was a howler. Almost as funny as Derr’s win in New Jersey, unseating a Dem incumbent house speaker with sofa cushion change. Wonder what the numbers were that Derr was looking at that Sweeny didn’t?

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