I believe that rejecting Trump doesn't mean an embrace of the Democrats. I think folks are just fed up with the entire mess. They finally got around to voting, and passing, the infrastructure bill. As far as I can tell the response is pretty simple, ie. "its about time!". Had they done that before their numbers would have gone up. Actually Biden has not done bad, and things are getting better. Wages are up, the infrastructure thing is law, employment is up, etc. The problem is that its been done under on ongoing Democratic battle with itself which has gone on, and on, and on while our president pretends he is still a member of congress.

Anyway, they have a bit of a chance now and, given how the Dems behave, that's all they got and they will work, very hard to screw it all up. For the Dems it seems its ALL about them. I continue to believe they are going to pay the price and that's a shame.

I guess my main problem, with the Dems, is that they have flat out ignored almost all good advice to do with stuff like messaging, explaining what they are doing, and actually trying to win an election. I have often wondered why they haven't hired an advertising firm to train them up on their jobs when it comes to communication.