The right wing grey lady tries to do class politics.
The best selling book ‘What’s the matter with Kansas’ was written by the same author who wrote ‘Listen Liberal’ and his most recent ‘The people? No!’
Not even a mention of the authors name. Frank’s done a good analysis into the realignment of the two political parties after the break up of the Keynesian consensus. His latest explores the history of left populist political movements in the US, post civil war.
Sanders campaign attempts and defeats are just a few of many in a long line of defeats suffered by the left from the reactionary right wing parties.

It’s an interesting time to see class become a subject of discussion in politics. Ironically, the cheap platitudes given out during this pandemic, as a substitute for real material compensation for the work required, has helped highlight the contradictions of our society and may have awakened class consciousness beyond the failed Sanders campaign. Who’s getting the cheese and who’s getting the shaft has been thrown into bright relief and I have yet to find a working class Trumper happy about the tax cuts given to the rich ruling classes.

But that type of conversation falls outside the reenforced boundaries of identity politics. Dem, Republican, Independents etc

Even VOX is doing class analysis!…
The problem with America