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I'm gonna have several hundred thousand smackeroos drop into my account In December and it's liable to upset my carefully curated ruse as a pauper. I'm sure the CPAs will sort it out and put most of it in a safe place because I have no understanding, nor any desire to understand intelligent money management.

I've already got my eye on a sporty new wheelchair, reportedly capable of achieving a blistering 6 mph!

---Get a handicap accessible minivan!

VMI is the only handicap accessibility outfit worth considering because Braun has slipped to WORST.
You can check out VMI's offerings here:


The Pacifica is by far the absolute best wheelchair van in the business.
Sleek, handles like a car, fast, super economical on the highway (city - - meh...so so)
super comfortable and reliable.

And they will outfit it so you can click your power chair right in behind the wheel and drive FROM your chair
with either hand controls OR the regular pedals if your feet still move decently well.
The best part is the Advanced Cruise Control because it's a stress reliever in rush hour freeway traffic.
The stop and go accordion effect doesn't bother it at all, you just set your speed and you're all set...you only need to steer.
So no more gritting your teeth about all the idiots jacking their brakes every five seconds.

When we drove from L.A. to Tulsa OK, once we got on the Interstate, I think I might have used the gas and brake maybe twenty
times the entire trip because the ACC did it all.

The ONLY thing I do not like about our "Miss Ruby" is the rotary knob for the automatic transmission.
Chrysler has discontinued using knobs for the gears as of 2020 because of all the hate mail from people who
want to inform Chrysler that it's a CAR...not a WASHING MACHINE, and CARS use levers to shift gears.

Aside from that one thing, 10 out of 10!

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