Right after I moved here I was offered an adapted minivan for $15K and was ready to buy it.
Then I realized it was too low and wouldn't make it up my driveway. The floor had been dropped 6 inches and the exhaust system would have been raked off the minute I turned up the slope.

And then another issue reared its ugly head. Epilepsy. I begin to lose control of it a few years ago and no combination of meds has brought it back in line without turning me into a drugged-out zombie.

It's not serious and I don't even black out when it happens, but for 30 seconds I have no idea where I am or what I'm doing. Everything is spinning and I feel like I'm falling through space and actually tumbling. Needless to say, it interferes with driving.

And so I've had to give it up entirely. It's perfectly okay with me and I get around town fine in my powerchair! On the rare occasions I need to be driven somewhere I can call a cab or an uber or my sister, or my ex.

But mostly I don't feel any need to go anywhere. I take the dog out for an hour twice a day, I play shuffleboard three times a week. I read, I write, I play video games, I cook and do my chores, and I am never ever bored or feel closed in or trapped here. This is an absolutely beautiful location with easy access to miles of parks and trails. There's a big lake just down the hill with a public beach, pavilions, a music venue, there are rowing and sailing regattas and room for thousands of people to gather along the shore. There are breweries and restaurants, and all manner of shops, they just put up the city Christmas tree in front of city hall and are hanging decorations all over town. I know the city guys by name, I know the park rangers, the cops wave as they drive by and Roscoe is a bit of a celebrity on the trail, known and loved by all.

No more fuel, no more maintenance, no more insurance and no more payments.

I'm okay with this.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...