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Let us know how the Hello Fresh works out Jeff. I enjoy cooking but as it is just me in my house these days sometimes it is difficult to cook for just one person. I used to have a house full of people (plus pets) but that is no longer true. It sucks but I am adjusting…..
We have tried a couple of different mail-order food offerings, and they are what they advertise. The meals are good, proportioned properly, suitable for one or two people, and nutritious. BUT... everything requires preparation (which is fun, but taxing), and some days a sandwich is all I am up for; and, the biggest downside for me, the PACKAGING. So much waste. All those little plastic bags. I love that they provide one sprig of that, or a small portion of this - just the right amount, no measuring involved - but then I end up with all of these little packages of plastic that are going into the trash. The same for the box they come in. They are getting better about recyclable packaging, but I need to put some down the drain, and segregate the recyclables out.

For awhile we were involved in CSA - community supported agriculture - and I loved it. We got fresh produce, interesting new veggies like kohlrabi, heirloom potatoes, tomatoes and beets, and star fruit (carambola). The problem was we couldn't eat it all. We shared with two other families, and still we ended up wasting so much.

My wife's nephew has been involved in sustainable urban agriculture, which I simply love. They put greenhouses on vacant lots that provide fresh produce for the local community. [url=https://sustainableagriculture.net/tags/urban-farming/]National Urban Agriculture Coalition[/url. I think that is the future.

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