I know a lot of folks compare our two major parties to those of Europe. Perhaps in Europe the Democratic Party would be viewed a centrist. Not here though. Our nation's birth was quite different than the nations of Europe. Our nation was born not only out of war, but with a fear and a distrust of government, a central government.

I don't know anyone who compares our parties with those of Europe. Our nation's birth was entirely overseen by Europeans with a distrust of monarchies. The original thirteen colonies were intended to be nations, much like Europe, each with its own central government.

The rub back in the day was that uniting the states robbed power from the respective governors.

Hence the ongoing battle over "states rights". If not for the need to work together to defeat King George, we would still be a battling bunch of nations with little regard for the common good.

That lack of regard for the common good seems to have been passed down over the centuries.

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