I’m not sure about this 15% progressive identity. Unlike anything that corporates wanted in the infrastructure bill, reducing prescription drug prices was a very popular piece of legislation proposal in the BBB legislation. Would high favorability of a material benefit be progressive?
What I take issue with identity politics is all the false framing, serving to reenforce right wing illiberalism.
In the issue of race (a minefield, I know) what is the child of identifying mixed race couples? What of the child’s child? So racial identity is fluid at best and more likely serves the interest of those wishing to impose it than any real scientific or factual meaning. It’s subjective at best.
Class on the other hand is based on your material condition. It’s very real.
I’m always suspicious of those that want to reenforce subjective identity labels over universal class labels. My suspicion only grows when they insist on it and avoid class politics. Some one throwing his arm on my shoulder and telling me ‘we’re on the same side’ cuz we’re all progressives without a material argument is a con man.
Clearly, our politics is a class war that’s being won by the upper classes with the use of identity politics. I expect it to continue for as long as it keeps working.

All identity polls aside.

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