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I'm only quoting the polls that said 15% of voters self-identify as Progressive. Maybe it's 17% maybe 22%, maybe 12%...google it if you will.

I used to imagine that among independent voters there was a vast pool of lefty support hiding among the riff-raff. It just isn't so. Or Bernie woulda won.

To me, all politics is class politics. That's why I use silly foreign words like Proletariat and Bourgeoisie which represent the actual classes, that's why I read Theory and search for instances where the working class rises up against the merchant class. An all too rare occurrence these days.

The Great Resignation is perhaps the most interesting thing to happen class-wise in the last century.

I saw major collusion of the DNC with its preferred right wing candidate, HRC, in 2016 as revealed in the Wikileaks Podesta emails to derail a primary challenge from the left.
Ditto, their blowing up of the Iowa caucus in 2020, near lockstep corporate media hysteria generation and a never seen before collapsing of the primary candidate field to a consumer brand loyalty choice to subvert another challenge from the left in 2020. Millions came out for that campaign but let’s face it. Fighting an entrenched right wing political machine with the media and allied spook state is not fighting on a level playing field.

The lengths that the right wing Dem party went to stop a left wing challenge would imply that the threat was real for them and the hysteria they were trying to foment with its rise in the primary was a bit of a giveaway.

Failure to take over a right wing party and losing does not mean there is no left for me. It simply means it’s not able to overcome the asymmetric battle with the entrenched rightwing at present.

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