[Trump] walked out and Biden walked in
you missed the point. One of the plans was to contrive some crisis to maintain control of WH i.e. he was not gong to leave.

There IS some small chance Trump captures the Republican nomination in 2024
so who precisely controls the base? I believe he will run and since only he controls the base, he has built in support. Winning is the ultimate adoration, but just getting the nomination again, and having huge crowds at his rallys to cheer praises of the savior, and the ultimate opportunity, should he lose, of again controlling the base and urging them on to insurrection .... watching all those people fighting for HIM. Remember he is a delusional narcissist ... I can only glimpse at the shadows of manipulations in his mind.

I see the Democrats as an example of large scale delusion ... they can't lose to the D, etc.

Not saying it will happen ... just saying it is a possibility .... when considering plans within plans I consider as many possibilities as I can imagine

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty