I can’t recall a major party primary being so openly corrupt in my lifetime. Is there a race you can reference that was as corrupt as the last two generals? Politics is a dirty game but Iowa? Scheduling debates during playoff games. Bankrupting the DNC campaign coffers then loaning them money right before you run? Trying to murder a news publisher who broke the stories of the corruption? Far more to bother listing. I’ll put that at the top unless you can recall something more blatant? I’d be interested from a historical perspective.

The Buffalo mayors race was fascinating. An underdog socialist won the Dem primary while the incumbent loser formed a coalition of Dem and Republican financial supporters and voters to win the election as a write-
in in the general. Playing out on a local level much like it did on the national level. The Dem party was exploring the option of abolishing the office of mayor and using a city manager appointment if they lost in the general. No need as the incumbent primary loser won in the general as a write in with the votes breaking heavily along working class vs. professional/wealthy class lines.

Yet another example of Dem establishment jumping in bed with the far right rather than lose to a left challenge. Anyone telling you to vote blue no matter who is a con.