Those primary delegates sure were funny how they got counted.

I’ve seen good arguments for Sanders running as an independant in the 2020, building off his recognition and momentum of 2016. There was plenty of kindling for that kind of fire. It would have allowed many Republican brand voters to switch to a neutral brand option and he could have picked up a growing number of disaffected Dem brand voters. That should have been the move and his time is the argument.

But I don’t think he had it in him. Didn’t have the cut and thrust and fell in line way to quickly after 2020, extracting nothing from brand Dem for his endorsement. If he thought he was going to trade that endorsement for something better down the road as budget chair in the senate, I think he failed and surrounded himself with the wrong people.his real chance was 2020 but maybe it was not really his intention to win. Probably would have caught a bullet if he had, imo.

Spooks have form.