Buying coke and then buying Pepsi doesn’t really say much about your world view on beverages. It only means you buy what the store has on offer. The store only selling two brands of cola by design, that is.
Yes indeed, write in candidacies have happened before. That’s about the only comparison I see between Alaska’s and Buffalo’s. Unless the Democratic Party donors of Alaska helped with Murkowski’s campaign, the Republican Party threatened to do away with the position or both right wing factions voted for Murkowski’s candidacy. Is that what your saying happenned?
I understand the concept of confusing the ideas of left vs. right. Both parties are bought and beholden to corporate dominance. Hard to see any left aside from self-identifying and lip service.

There was a thread awhile ago titled ‘what left?’ or something like it. The upshot for me was most used identity via voting to understand what left was.

I’d say simply that left is universal and horizontal in organization and philosophy.

Right is exclusive and vertical in organization. You could start there and broaden out to more specifics. Calling one brand of soda left and another right when they have the same characteristics and funding source is.. well.. something I suppose. Brand identity? Most definitely. Accurate it ain’t though.