I remember Hunter Thompson’s last book of political journalism. Titled ‘Kingdom of Fear’. I’ve taken it out once in a while and find it more impressive for his ability to see where the country was heading long before we got here.
One of the biggest ingredients the Dem faction has used is fear. I guess you could make the case of this tactic going all the way back to Trueman and his decision to stampede Americans against communism to placate the war industries.
If either political faction doesn’t have an authentic threat they will make them.

Our politics of right wing extremism has created a landscape of suburban hysterics from the use of Putin, Defund the Police, CRT, gay marriage and on and on.

S’funny how that Russia gate thread dried up. Even funnier now that it’s leading back to HRC’s camp, The Brookings institute, the FBI, etc..

But the fear worked.

Here’s a fascinating interview with Ray McGovern on this topic:

‘ Many of the people most taken in by Russiagate were highly educated. I’m talking about lawyers. San Francisco criminal attorney; Wisconsin attorney, who is head at the University of Wisconsin. Very educated people. How can they believe this? John Pilger said the key is the word education, James. It’s easier to propagandize the educated.’

The guy that got Russiagate right’

Good stuff from a retired intelligence vet.

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