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People believe what they want to believe. If it is lies and that what they want to beleive they'll believe it.

True up to a point. The point being the vast amounts of money that get poured into propaganda, be it media advertising, political advertising, cointel at home or abroad, etc, etc,

If people ‘believe what they want to believe’ wouldn’t that imply a lot of time, money and effort being wasted every year trying to affect people’s purchase decisions, political ideology, etc?

It would also be a bad defense for committing criminal fraud, I suspect.

I don’t know if it’s sad or funny but there’s gunna be millions of people who will go to their graves thinking Russia hacked our 2016 election in order to get Trump elected.

All that to misdirect away from a Wikileaks drop. It’s amazing what you can fall down when you stray from material politics.