If anybody wants to see just how good the Republicans are at demonizing follow what they do with the 1.75 trillion dollar human infrastructure thing. Don't forget to watch how they work in the current inflation. They will prove, to the electorate, that the human infrastructure thing is the Democratic way to create inflation. They will have also created messages that they will all mouth with a will. I know, nobody wants inflation. By the time the Republicans are through the Democrats will be painted as the leaders of inflation with their giveaway to a bunch of bums.

They are just gearing up but, by the time of next year's election the Dems will be well and truly considered the group that gave the nation inflation!

I believe that the Dems would be MUCH better off to put off their human infrastructure bill until after next year's election. If they lose that election their human infrastructure thing will also be gone, if they get their bill passed, and lose next year's election, the Republicans will get rid of their human infrastructure bill. The ONLY way for them, or their human infrastructure thing to survive is to wait until they win next year which also means they have to design their messages, watch their mouths, and ALL join up to win the election! There is no secret about this. The current Dems, however, actually think that they have a chance to inflict a lot of pain on themselves if they continue. Unfortunately they will prove, yet again, that their will to lose is in full flower.

I REALLY hope I am wrong!