Could be, could be.
I’ve been fascinated at the sea shift from the high water mark of the left culminating in the 30’s and the clap back of the ruling classes almost immediately after WW2 with two right wing purges of the left. The red scare from the 50’s and the rout of organized labor in the 80’s.

Yet the Democrats controlled Congress for what? 40 years of riding left wing achievements from policies and economics of the Depression. The Clintons and Néw Democrats really shoved the party over to the right and it seems like the play has been identity politics and fear as a replacement for real social benefits and services. Not to mention sane economics and a regulatory system.

Stampeding the base like a bunch of hysterics. Never seen seen anything like it with the exception of doing war on Muhammad’s followers. I don’t think very many people had Putin suspicions in their heads before the orchestrated messaging from the HRC camp, corporate mediate, congressional show trials or retired spooks spouting on TV’s. Sorry. That was a total psyop being played on the public by the Dem party, networks and the spook communities. That was created like protocols of Zion.

As far as elections being a barometer of leftist numbers. I don’t see how you can go on the results with only rightwing candidates doing culture war stuff to get elected. India Walton, the Dem mayoral candidate in Buffalo, still got 40% of the vote. That’s after the Dem and Republicans right wing parties, with the always assisting media, doing all they could to run her down. Not a bad showing, all things considered.

But yeah, I take your meaning about blame and excuses. Simply describing my take on the terrain that exists for the left to overcome. That will take time. Luckily, both rightwing parties have nothing to offer cept culture war and fear as the needles keep getting buried into the red for more and more people.