Politics seldom deals with material reality that you described though. For me, it’s devolved into a production assistant for capitalism. Often doing propaganda (or P.R. If that’s more acceptable) or police enforcement.

Here’s an article linking the strike to high food prices:
Food supply chain and strike impact

Fox being the Pravda of the GOP, has to take a page from the New Democrats playbook here. They’ve been playing the party of the working man for some time now. Kinda tricky to talk one way but serve the class enemy of working people. But if Dems can manage it there’s no reason to think the GOP can’t manage also.

So here’s the numbers of some of the proposals that were once in the human thingy bill according to poll from Oct:

Lowering Medicare prescription drug prices:
Support 88%
Oppose 12%
Medicare coverage for dental, eye and hearing:
Support 84%
Oppose 16%
Paid family and medical leave:
Support 73%
Oppose 27%
Universal pre-K for children:
Support 67%
Oppose 33%
(Source: CBS News/YouGov survey, October 6-8, 2021.)

I’ll ask again. What polled so high with the public in the infrastructure pork bill that made it a must do beyond locking in fossil fuel?

Poll would also suggest that on material interests the public looks fairly progressive. If only there was a left progressive political party that could emerge and do class/ material politics. A sorta ‘chicken in every pot’ type of politics. Cuz it would probably be popular if the polls are accurate.

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