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Everything is irrelevant now. The House passed the infrastructure bill last night by a 228-206 vote. Now that wasn't hard. It only became hard because different democratic factions wanted to make it hard. .....

Now that you have the bird in the hand, you can start on working on one of the bird's in the bush. The important thing here is Biden and Democrats finally have a win. Now we'll see if the pundits were right or if I was right on Biden's and company's approval numbers.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

So how is it that by passing infrastructure for a win and build on that legislative success but when it comes to the build better livestock bill having legislation lowering prescription drug prices or paid family leave its:

I think too many times a party tries to rely on legislation to win elections which rarely works. At least not in the next election or even the next few. A lot of people want instant gratification. The BBB doesn’t do that, the BBB doesn’t lower gas, fuel or natural, food prices or put stuff back on the shelves"


I would put the ability to afford medicine up with the ability to buy groceries. Wouldn't argue that one. The pork plan that passed will do neither of these things.

When did the average American want to see taxes lowered for the wealthiest? Trump always followed the money and simply stole Obama's game. Talk like a populist to get elected, govern like a right winger to get rich.

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