Yes, but again, whose economy? Member all that boat lifting jumbo jumbo back in the 90’s and early oughts? How’s that blue wall in the rust belt holding up…
Member all that pain trade off in the near term but all that long term optimism? A PR campaign of crushing labor, deskilling the workforce and financializing the economy. That’s still a burning memory around here.

Lots of failure points happening with the economy. Decades long commodification of life’s necessities, housing, medicine, education, etc.. Copper stripping public goods to Wall Street. Deregulation of the economy. Mass consolidation of ports and shipping lines following that activity that we see getting worse.

But my all time favorite is the Greenspan put that we just watched happen. Oddly enough, every time the economy goes in the toilet the guvmint bails out the portfolios of the ruling classes while the working class takes it in the short. Lots of money sloshing around up their looking for bargain prices on homes and businesses, Wash, rinse repeat. Good time to be in high clover. Fat city for investments while the real economy shrinks. No debate on that activity. That whistles thru like sh!t thru the proverbial goose.

S’funny how high public approval of legislative ideas never gets passed.